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Want to Work with Us?

You can be a coffee drinker, a tea drinker, a meat-eater, or a plant-eater. You can enjoy hand-crafted cocktails or ice-cold beers. We won’t judge. What we care about is whether or not you love people. Because that’s what we are all about! We are about providing a legendary customer experience.

If the Word “quality” Really Resonates with You, You’re Halfway to Being Hired.

You don't have to be witty or sarcastic. Just don’t be too sensitive to those who are, because this company is pretty much filled with them. You can be a coffee snob, just don’t be a snob in general. That said, you’re probably a foodie and, if you’re not, get ready to become one.

If you use words like creative, helpful, quick on your feet, dependable, team player to describe yourself, and understand what it means to go above and beyond, we want to meet you. You should also know that our culture is the law, so be ready to adapt if you want to be a good fit.

If none of this has scared you yet, then check out our open positions below

What You’ll Get

Caring management – we want to know what you’re about and help you achieve your goals in and outside the hospitality industry. We have an open-door policy and WELCOME great communication. This is the only way for success… 

Great community – you’ll get to cultivate your skillset alongside really fun people bonded by their passion for coffee, food, and, you know… alcohol.  

Creative environment – we don’t only encourage creativity, it’s what we use as fuel 

Company outings and social events to take the load off 

Community service – find meaning in giving back and helping those that are less fortunate

Team Player

You are the first smile a customer sees and usually the reason they come back or not. We are looking for someone who will put on the freshest face and biggest personality to greet our fan club. We want someone who is informed and knows the menu forwards and backward so they can give the best suggestions while creating a lasting impression that will be talked about for months to come. You must know that your bad day doesn't create one for them! They came to enjoy their day! Maybe you should too! We LOVE fun and we love to have a great time! This is seen by everyone and people pick up on the vibe that is given off by the people who touch their journey throughout the shop. Catering to the customer is our job and giving the best experience possible starts with you! This must be done efficiently and with a great and positive attitude! We thrive on family culture and teamwork. Being willing to be a helping hand wherever needed is something that we all look for in a family member! If our team sounds like your kind then keep reading… 

What you'll do

• You will always wear a smile!! 

• Make the best suggestions with added enthusiasm and a hint of sarcasm when the opportunity presents itself! Get em to laugh with you! 

• Allow customers to sample whatever is available to sample!! Sure this takes a minute but EVERYONE loves a sample!! And they will ALL wait for their turn!

• Don't let them know you're stressed!! Laugh through it but be efficient! 

• Grabbing and upselling pastries and coffee beans lie in your hands!! 

• Restocking is essential inside and outside the bar. Including the condiment area

• Be able to problem solve when one comes up! They are always right! Lol

• Help maintain a clean shop wherever necessary.


We are looking for coffee-crafting individuals who aspire to be amongst the best baristas in the valley. If your birthstone is a coffee bean then you're in the right place. Searching for those who are constantly working to refine their espresso-machine skills, collaborate with like-minded coffee-crazed peers, and understand the need to pour consistently amazing espresso-based drinks a day in and day out. If you have a cultivated passion for coffee making, be it trained or self-taught, with latte art experience or not, just bring your enthusiasm and we will show you the ropes. You must understand what it means to deliver a seamless customer experience, and know-how to have fun in the process. It's not always easy but it is most def crucial. On top of your unconditional love for coffee, a fast-paced, up-tempo environment and teamwork should be what drives you. If this sounds like your cup of… coffee, keep reading.

 What you’ll do

• Deliver a legendary customer experience

• Make seriously good coffee consistently

• Nail daily tasks like bar and cafe cleanliness, and all the basics of working in a busy cafe

• Have the best coffee knowledge of what you are serving and where it is coming from so you can be informative to the customer when necessary. 

• Step-in and lend a hand to other departments when they need you

Line Cook

We know the spotlight rarely shines on the back of the house. Line cooks deserve more glory. They are the front line and the backbone of any food and drink establishment. And we know that. What we’re looking for is a culinary artist with an amazing skill set and an appetite for legendary food who is dedicated to their team. An energetic, reliable, organized, and nimble professional who means business and thrives in a challenging environment. Our perfect candidate for line cook is tenacious, has great communication skills, and puts care and pride into each crafted item to deliver an amazing customer experience. If you have an appetite for food and great flavors with the beauty of an Instagram worthy dish we can't wait to meet you. If you truly understand that it's the extraordinary work in the back of the house that leads to an unparalleled customer experience then you'll do great here. So, if hot and sweaty is your type of scene and you’re looking for a place to be appreciated for all that hard work, then keep reading.

 What you’ll do

• Work your magic in a very dynamic environment

• Deliver world-class prepping for bakery, breakfast, and lunch ingredients

• Be quick on your feet, efficient, and clean

• Bring your culinary artistry into crafting breakfast and lunch menu items

• Keep the kitchen flow steady

• Be consistently awesome

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